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Protective covers for

Sight is righly resistent against mechanical stress and extreme climatic conditions. For the especially high stress levels have been developed two types of protective steel covers and one Neoprene cover.
Steel covers are made from reinforced sheets and they can bear very rough handling.It was proved e.g.in the czech army and police forces URNA.

Protective steel cover for - type SC2
    consists of lower and upper part,which are screwed together. The cover SC2 is very popular in combination with a quick detachable mount QD .
Assembly:unscrewing of the cover and fastening of its lower part with three M screws to the mount on the gun. (in case of using of mount from our company,the taped holes in mount are already prebored.) The holes for screws are placed in the axis of sight.The sight will be bolted on holders in lower part of cover with screws,that are delivered with the sight. Finally will be the upper part of cover bolted to its lower part.

kryty/SC2i.jpg kryty/QD + CS2 IMG_3500i.jpg

protective cover for - type SC3
    is intended especially for Weaver rail.It consists of three parts,one frame and two combs.
Assembly:First will be the sight mounted to Weaver rail.The cover SC3 will be mounted around the sight.The cover is so independently fixed on Weaver rail.Possible impacts are transmitted directly to the rail.

protective cover for - Neoprene
    preserves the OKO sight against rain and mechanical damage during the transport of gun.

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