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How can I mount sight to my gun?

We offer mounting solutions for weaver rail, European standard dovetail, various pistol mounts, HKMP 5 submachine gun mount, Sa 61 submachine gun mount. If you do not see a possibility for your gun yet, you can buy in your gunshop any mount with weaver rail which fits to your gun (see accessories in our www). And you will be able to install our sight W with weaver mounting system.

I bought sight W for weaver rail. Can I use it with pistol mounts too?

NO. You cannot use W with pistol mounts, although they apparently fit with the sight. The base of W is not designed for the use with pistol mounts, and if you use it this way, your sight may be damaged.

What kind of battery does the sight use? And how long does it last?

The sight uses the most common and cheap CR 2032 3V Lithium battery.

The battery lasts 150 – 1500 hours, depending on the intensity setting. The battery can be very easily replaced within one minute simply using a knife or another pointed object.

Do I need a special cover for the lens if I am shooting in the rain?

No. Due to a special lens coating the water drops just slide down once you put the rifle up and aim. This sight is water-resistant.

The dot is not clear. I can see a starburst on the lens.

You may just need to clean the lens or the glass covering the diode. To do it use a special lens cleaner designed for this purpose and a piece of a clean, soft cloth. The inner surface of the lens should be cleaned only if absolutely necessary. First try to clean the outer surface of the lens and diode glass.

See the instruction manual – Cleaning of the Lens.

I would like to buy the pistol sight for IPSC shooting in MODIFIED.
Does it fit into the box?

Yes. Our sight is one of the few which do fit in the box. See Applications – Sport in our www.

For what distances this sight can be used?

This sight can be used for both very short and long distances. The advantages of our sight are the most apparent when aiming at distances of about 100 m (for hunters) and 200 m (for military).


If you have any other questions, please contact our techhelp: techhelp@oktarget.cz

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