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The logooko_sm.JPG (2122 bytes) red_dot_sight was originally designed for the IPSC shooting. These hard conditions thoroughly tested our sight and proved its high quality.
The sight can be used both in OPEN and in MODIFIED.

- model SH Parrot

- model SH

sti_eaglei.jpg pistooli.jpg
na STI Eagle 5.5,38 Super Auto na pistoli Hanse Knoopse

IPSC shooting movie (924kB)
Martin Kamenicek, The Winner of the division OPEN, kat. JUNIOR

mov_logo.gif (302 bytes)Action shooting 1      mov_logo.gif (302 bytes)Action shooting 2       mov_logo.gif (302 bytes)Action shooting 3     

Martin.jpg (166041 bytes)
Martin Kamenicek - European Junior Champion in the division OPEN
and currently the best shooter with OKO sight.

CZ colt
sa58 ipsc brokovi.jpg
- selfloading rifle shooting according to the IPSC rules Shotgun - IPSC shooting, OPEN division
OKO at CZ JANE Left viewi.jpg OKO at CZ JANE right viewi.jpg
- model UW Selfloading  CZUB Jane, caliber .22  
OKOIPSC3i.jpg parrot_us
        - model SH Parrot GIF                   PDF

    Here are few pictures of race gun of Ludwig Dvojmoc, equiped with

                  Ludwig Dvojmoc´s gun
                                                      it fits in the box ...

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